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When it comes to web design, sos-stevie might just be the answer you are looking for, especially if you are a small business on a limited budget. Nowadays, website design is as simple or as complicated as one wants it to be.

The mom and pops business

At the bottom of the ladder, any mom and pop business might be tempted by the tv and radio offers of free web design and who doesn’t like freebies? Not when they aren’t really free they don’t!  Here’s how you might think it works:

You create an account, you design your website, then end.

As sweet a deal as this one might appear to be, it doesn’t exactly work that way.  First you need a name for your site, then you need to host it somewhere and these two expenses alone can run you into anywhere between $40 and $200 per year.

You can deal with that you say, and maybe you can.  But here is what happens when you go the freebie route.  Because you’ve not actually paid for the design of your website, even if you own your domain name, once you decide that you want to more your online presence to a platform where you have more control, then that design you are so proud of will not be part of the deal.  In other words, you’ll have to start from scratch all over again.

The small business owner

SOS Stevie
SOS Stevie

If you have ever started a business, cash flow is one of the crucial determining factors in the eventual outcome of your endeavor. (besides the product and service you offer).  If you want your business to succeed, not only will you need to be good at what you do, but you’ll also need to be in firm control of your money. That means that expenses will have to be closely monitored and kept on a leash.  The building of a website may not seem to be an important argument to make to your accountant when allocating funds and therefore lots of business folks will try to get the best deal they can get.  That doesn’t mean that they should cut corners though and the selection of a website design firm who will have their back AND be competitive in their pricing is absolutely crucial.

For that reason, sos-stevie is an obvious choice.  In business since 1996, Stevie has been providing quality website designs at very low cost.

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