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If you own a tv, go the movies or simply go out and about to sample what your town has to offer, then chances are you are being treated to an array of choices, including the opportunity to see some incredibly beautiful people out there. If you are one of the lucky ones and have no problem in being able to mingle with these sexy folks, then you’ve got it made, mate, as my tennis coach would tell me all the time. But even if you are, there is nothing you can do about the people that populate your tv screen or various other e-devices. These, my friends, the celebrities are reserved for other celebrities and it is unlikely that anyone of us will ever be able to say hi to one of them, let alone share a croissant over coffee the morning after.

What we do have though is our imagination, and what a beautiful thing our mind is… I can close my eyes right now and pretend Brad Pitt is right there, in front of me, offering me flowers and batting those gorgeous eyes of his. Just imagine the smile on his eyes, the upward curve of his mouth as he gazes upon me and I swear, I can practically smell him.

But what if I wanted to talk to him? Well that’s possible too. Well, there’s a catch of course because you wouldn’t actually be talking to him per se, but to someone who could pretend he is him and since all this happening in our mind anyway, where’s the harm in that.

phonesex-numbersIn fact there is an industry that caters exactly for that kind of fantastic dreams, only it puts its own spin on the whole experience and whilst you can talk about the weather with these folks, what usually happens is a whole more naughty.

Right now, as I am imagining all this, I am sure that somewhere, in a living room in some town, a telephone conversation is taking place where one person wants to talk to the celebrity of his choice and have with that celebrity an encounter of a different kind. What am I talking about? Well erotic chat lines of course and if the idea has tickled you, and you’re over the age of 21 of course, you could check Woman4play Phone Sex Numbers and ask to speak with Debbie More, or any other sexy hollywood creature your heart has a thing for.

By the way, if it is Debbie you dream about, make sure to say hi for me. It is my fantasy as much as yours, isn’t it?

Woman4Play Cheap Phone Sex

With so many inexpensive phone sex hotlines vying for the distinction of being know as cheap phone sex, your business and attention, We thought we’d give a shout out to Woman4play Cheap Phone Sex as a company that truly defies to old say that you get what you pay for.

woman4play-cheap-phone-sexIndeed, you’d be surprised at how skilled at what they do the folks at woman4play.com are and when you think that a chat experience with them can cost you as little as a quarter per minute, then you’ll understand why it is so popular with couples and single people out there.

Talking about affordable phone sex, what is it with celebrities (some) nowadays posing nude and being surprised that their naked pictures eventually find their way to the social media nether world. My advice to the Miley Cirus and Riganna’s of this world is that if there is a smart phone in the room, your picture will be shared around the world, with or without your consent.

And since I’ve mentioned celebrities, I am told that one of the more poplar fantasies of people who call chatlines is for the person they talk to to pretend that he/she is a celebrity.

Of course this is a common fantasy which is not restricted to the telephone. How many times have you watched a movie and thought to yourself… gore blimey… I wouldn’t mind havin a bit of this. (read this aloud with the accent of your choosing. I chose cockney! Which is a rather nice accent don’t you think as it raises all kinds of possibilities?

One last word before I sign of, make sure you have a look at Merdith’s Phone Sex Operators Skills in the Meridith Viera Show.

Woman4Play Phone Sex

4Play is one of the more potent tools at the disposal of any couple who wants to ensure their intimacy sits on safe grounds. This is particularly true for the ladies at Woman4Play Phone Sex and whilst this is a professional service which ordinary couples don’t make a habit of calling, or at least they will deny it, if you feel as if the intimacy you share with your loved one is slipping away, then you should remember that there is a reason why phone sex chatlines are so popular. They work!

Ask any man who is honest enough to answer truthfully and chances are you will hear that he, at one point or another in his life has indeed called a chatline with the sole purpose of flirting with another person, and some times even more… The same cannot be said for all women, but I would suggest that quite a large proportion of the adult female population has tried phone sex as well, with a partner or a husband.

There is an art to phone sex just as there is an art in everything else we do in life. For some (women in particular) foreplay comes naturally and for others (gentlemen are you listening?) it is an acquired taste. But if you take time to … acquire it… then let me tell you this: “You’ll be glad you did!”

I am not going to spend too much time in this post explaining how to have phone sex, there are lots of guides and articles out there but if you were to remember one thing from this article, it would be that foreplay is crucial. It helps keep the flames alive and ensures that routine and boredom doesn’t creep up.

By the way, if you want to learn more about the world of phone sex, then I recommend you read photographer Phil Toledano’s report on some of the industry’s operators whom he photographed and interviewed at length. Watch him document a world build from the grounds up on the bases of “mutual self-delusion” as he puts it. Watch him “peel back the veil” so to speak as the operators reveal themselves in ways that are both intriguing and in some cases endearing. If not amusing of course.

What did he learn? For the most part phone sex operators are smart (“I was struck by how smart they were”), know the art of listening both what the caller is and is not saying, and more.

Sos Stevie – Web Design comes to the rescue

When it comes to web design, sos-stevie might just be the answer you are looking for, especially if you are a small business on a limited budget. Nowadays, website design is as simple or as complicated as one wants it to be.

The mom and pops business

At the bottom of the ladder, any mom and pop business might be tempted by the tv and radio offers of free web design and who doesn’t like freebies? Not when they aren’t really free they don’t!  Here’s how you might think it works:

You create an account, you design your website, then end.

As sweet a deal as this one might appear to be, it doesn’t exactly work that way.  First you need a name for your site, then you need to host it somewhere and these two expenses alone can run you into anywhere between $40 and $200 per year.

You can deal with that you say, and maybe you can.  But here is what happens when you go the freebie route.  Because you’ve not actually paid for the design of your website, even if you own your domain name, once you decide that you want to more your online presence to a platform where you have more control, then that design you are so proud of will not be part of the deal.  In other words, you’ll have to start from scratch all over again.

The small business owner

SOS Stevie
SOS Stevie

If you have ever started a business, cash flow is one of the crucial determining factors in the eventual outcome of your endeavor. (besides the product and service you offer).  If you want your business to succeed, not only will you need to be good at what you do, but you’ll also need to be in firm control of your money. That means that expenses will have to be closely monitored and kept on a leash.  The building of a website may not seem to be an important argument to make to your accountant when allocating funds and therefore lots of business folks will try to get the best deal they can get.  That doesn’t mean that they should cut corners though and the selection of a website design firm who will have their back AND be competitive in their pricing is absolutely crucial.

For that reason, sos-stevie is an obvious choice.  In business since 1996, Stevie has been providing quality website designs at very low cost.